NEIL ROBERTS is a digital artist who has returned to a physical fidelity of classic technique…

Born in 1974, Neil’s childhood was nomadic, with home and friends changing every few years. Painting, drawing and music were a constant for him in a life always on the move. He later gained a degree in design and illustration from Lincoln College of Art. He graduated in 1997.

First known as a video game artist, Neil is also a New York Times best-selling illustrator – with over one million books sold with his art gracing their covers. In 2008 he began an exploration of classical media and technique applied to contemporary subjects. His current portfolio of work is a statement of the journey so far.

Neil uses a modified painting technique that includes elements dating back to the seventeenth century. As the Old Masters documented and celebrated their world, Neil documents with confidence and striking simplicity, our vibrant and colourful contemporary world, to preserve and celebrate it for future generations.

Each part of his process is executed by his own hand. Sketching, under-drawing and painting follow traditional methods. Whether in his studio or on location, he is totally involved in the process.

Neil paints a bright and shining truth. The subjects of his paintings are the world we pass by, hardened into colour and shadow.